Early stage venture technology

Shaping your vision

Whether you're a brand new startup or an existing company that's looking to develop new business lines, Pantegue can help.

What's Pantegue?

Pantegue is a team of highly skilled professionals who specialize in modelling for early-stage ventures. Our experts transform your vision into an architecture model for your cutting-edge application that leverages the best new technology for real-world results. As a reward, we may agree on a combination of cash, equity and convertibles in payment for our services.

Stay in control

Time and money are among your most valuable assets. Both can be spent only once and should be spent prudently. An architecture model helps you to stay in control and is a prerequisite for manageability, speed, quality, scalability and fruitful collaboration. In addition, it forms a solid foundation for a lean and agile development process of your software application.


As an entrepreneur with plans to launch a new business venture or a company executive with ideas to create a brand new business line, you need a powerful and compelling software application that's customized to your specific needs. Sharing your relevant projects with us will help our team to determine whether we can provide the architecture model for the software application you need. We are interested in hearing more about the types of opportunities described below.

Market dynamics

You can clearly articulate the particulars of a compelling new product or service that has the potential to create and dominate a new market or significantly impact an already established one. You also possess the expertise required to understand the target market.

Detailed planning

You've developed a clear, easy-to-understand plan that's based on a realistic business model. Your plan is highly focused and involves being the best at one thing. You understand that every opportunity involves risks and you have addressed the potential risks in your plan.

B2B or B2C buy-in

If your plan targets the B2B market, you have a firm commitment from a launching customer. If it involves the B2C market, you have a mock-up of the application and a large-enough group of pilot customers to test the market.

Global potential

Because consumers and companies worldwide can access every application deployed in the cloud from their mobile and non-mobile devices, you've confirmed that your plan has global potential.


As an investor you're presented with many entrepreneurs and many opportunities you can potentially back. And certain projects within that broad range interest us as much as they do you. We hope you'll consider sharing opportunities with us to learn whether we might be able to help you achieve your investment objectives by addressing any of the following areas.

Your concerns

Often the realization of a business objective and the ability to make the most of an available opportunity require substantial application development. Always a tricky proposition, such complex iterative development requires extensive technical skills and experience that are often all-too scarce in the IT space. Yet, thanks to our proven track record in large and complex application development, we can help you eliminate these concerns from the venture capital equation.

Your money

Application development involves a serious and sustained effort throughout the duration of the project – typically requiring a substantial influx of funds, starting right from day one. When you work with us, you'll quickly discover that you won't be pouring your money into a black hole. Because our experts are willing to work hard on your project while postponing the rewards due for our efforts, you are able to reap the greatest advantages.

Your risk

Innovation always involves risk. But, executing a new idea with Pantegue in your corner lets you share the risks with the entrepreneur and with us. Thus, your personal risk is significantly reduced and our delayed reward gives us an even greater incentive to make sure everything works as planned.

Your return

At Pantegue, we always aspire to building applications with global reach. This factor greatly increases your potential for realizing a significant return on your investment – which, of course, is the whole object of investing.

What you get

At Pantegue, we take responsibility for the architecture modelling during the crucial early stages of your new venture or product line.

Mutual understanding

The architecture model is the functional model for your application. It’s a minimal viable model, containing no superfluous details. Based on this model, you and your developers have a clear understanding of interfaces, data structures, the way data is used and the logic of the application. In addition, separate Scrum teams can build the front-end and back-end parts of your application.

Insight and control

The architecture model is input for the development sizing and planning. Progress, budget and planning can be monitored and inevitable changes can be managed. The speed of development increases and trial and error decreases. Unnecessary and costly rework impacting the datamodel or the interfaces during agile development is prevented using the architecture model.

Top quality

A model in which all components work together in a well thought-out and structured manner, facilitates a top quality application. It has less bugs and enables extensibility and ease of change for future iterations resulting in a lower TCO. Based on the model test cases can be prepared and executed parallel to the agile development of the application. Large volumes and short response times are foreseen in the architecture.

Flexible compensation

We offer flexibility in our compensation model that we think you'll find refreshing. Depending on your situation and personal preferences, we may negotiate a combination of cash, equity and/or convertibles in payment for our services. We would also be happy to consider a postponed reward model or a licence fee if that model should suit the nature of your business.

Technology and approach

At Pantegue we create architecture models for various ventures and product lines. Below you can find some examples of technologies and our approach.

Our background

When you work with Pantegue, you will reap the benefits of our extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of application design and development. Our technical background includes having built numerous applications for clients including KLM, Unigarant, IBM, ABN Amro bank, SNS Reaal, Allianz, Rabobank, Aegon and PostNL. Each of these projects involved innovative mission-critical applications with 24/7 operations and high transaction volumes.

Driving market change

Prior to Pantegue, our founders launched Quinity, expanding the company from 0 to 150 employees and making Quinity the market leader in the Netherlands for packaged software solutions for the insurance industry. The Quinity software delivered a new level of business-model innovation and brought greatly needed change to the insurance market.

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